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"Our website instantly builds credibility and gives us confidence approaching new clients"
F Zreika, Managing Director

Talus Group
Roselands, Sydney

Talus Group were looking to take their business to the next level. They are in the construction industry which lives on relationships and credibility. Talus Group needed an online presence that gave visitors to the site the perception of a large and credible company.

Working closely with management, The Online Experts devised the marketing strategy for the site that included quick and short trust building statistics such as "0 safety accidents in 2012" and "combined 80 years experience". Elements like these have played a part in Talus Group's new invitations to tender for major projects throughout NSW and QLD in 2012-2013.

Online Achievements

  • New invitations to tender
  • Instantly built credibility
  • Increased growth in Electrical industry
  • Confidence in cold-calling new business

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